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    This test help you to understand CAPM exam format. Free 20 questions test. This test includes all the final CAPM Exam features including Marking Questions,Dummy Questions , Countdown timer and more.

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    Realistic Exam Questions

  • Simulated Practice Tests are the closest you can get to the actual CAPM Certification Exam,Prepared by certified PMPs
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  • CAPM Success Package

    Tips and Tricks to pass CAPM Exam

  • Attend Practice Tests - as much as possible.
  • Read the question and each possible answer in its entirety prior to selecting an answer. Select the best answer to each question based on the response that seems to adhere to the PMBOK and PMI.
  • No matter what, you have to answer all questions based on PMI and PMBOK point of view
  • Do not Spend Time on Lengthy and Formula Questions


  • PMP Exams Structure

    Exam Information for CAPM Certification

    3 Hours; 150 Questions(135 Questions + 15 Pre-Test Questions)

    Fees for CAPM Certification Application

    US $ 300 (PMI-Member); US $ 230 (Non-Member)

    To pass the exams you need to give correct answer (88 out of 135 questions). There is no negative marks with any wrong answer, so don't leave any question without answer.