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  • One of best PMP practice test, helped me on exam preparation.

    • Kousal
    • 02-Sep-2015
  • Great to practice PMP questions! the best way to prepare for PMP exam!

    • Carine
    • 29-Jul-2015
  • I passed OCPJP7 with 89%. Thanks Techfaq for the excellent practice exams

    • Nikesh
    • 22-Apr-2015
  • I found the mock exam very useful for the exam preparation.

    • 26-Mar-2015
  • The questions helped me tremendously during my studies for the PMP. I passed my exam. I am very thankful to your effort of allowing me to do the free test They were excellent source for the exam. SO very grateful.

    • 15-Dec-2014
  • I purchased the PMP questions for myself about 2.5wks ago, and was very
    impressed that I managed to pass PMP on my first attempt.

    I have now recommended your questions to a friend who failed CAPM before as
    I believe this will really help her. She will be purchasing
    the CAPM questions in the next day or two.

    Thank you

    • Leana
    • 18-Nov-2014
  • Good experience. category: PMP

    • Jeswint,, India
    • 05-Nov-2014
  • Helpful for my CAPM exams. I passed! category:PMP/CAPM

    • Martha. UK
    • 21-Oct-2014
  • Thus is a good source for PMP Exam candidates. The simulation exam really attuned me to writing the exam.

    • 16-Oct-2014
  • Thank you to give a chance to understand exams format. But 2 days are not enough to practice.
    And is it the same as CAPM/PMP exam.
    Gayane Abrahamyan

    • Gayane,, Armenia
    • 05-Sep-2014
  • I found the test very useful. I only took 2 full length tests prior to my PMP exam, one was yours. I passed my exam.

    • Noreen Dominic,, U.S.A
    • 23-Jul-2014
  • The test was very close to what I had on my real PMP exam, which I took and PASSED on July 16. Thanks for the accurate simulation!

    • Vikki Massey,, USA
    • 18-Jul-2014
  • It is really very useful and i was immensly benefitted. cat : PMP

    • india
    • 16-Jul-2014
  • Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on your practice test. I found the questions accurately represent the actual PMP Exam questions. I would recommend your practice test to anyone preparing for the PMP Exam. Enabling a review of the correct vs. incorrect answers at the end was most helpful! Although I only scored a 63% when I last took the practice test (the day before I was planning to sit for the actual exam - the timing was, by the way not well planned since it significantly reduced my confidence level) allowed me to review those areas where I was weak and allowed me to pass the actual exam! Thank You!

    • Betsy Johnsen,, US
    • 01-Jul-2014
  • It was one of my favourite PMP practice test, the questions were clear, and the answers were understandable.

    • Zita
    • 30-Jun-2014
  • Passed PMP using this, questions are well designed.

    • nilesh, US
    • 30-May-2014
  • OCPJP test is good, questions are very well formatted and interesting category:scjp

    • Nij India
    • 23-Apr-2014
  • PMP test is brilliant

    • Rakesh , India
    • 24-Mar-2014
  • passed PMP last month, found good and effective questions.

    • saugat
    • 04-Feb-2014
  • PMP test is too good

    • venky
    • 06-Jan-2014
  • PMP Questions are helped me lot on my main exam

    • Ananda,
    • 01-Jan-2014
  • it is good, PMP Questions are great

    • Mohammed ali,
    • 08-Nov-2013
  • Found Very helpful for my PMP preparation. I have used this toll to pass my PMP exam

    • Ritesh
    • 08-Nov-2013
  • It truly helped me pass my PMP examination. It help me point out areas where I was weak.

    • J Paul
    • 14-Oct-2013
  • Passed OCEJWCD using this sucess kit.

    • Rajendra
    • 05-Oct-2013
  • Thank you very much this is a very good tool for simulation.No going for the real thing... cat:PMP

    • Amir Ganan,, Israel
    • 30-Sep-2013
  • This is a real gift to anyone preparing for PMP - Thank you sooo much for this.

    • Sevak
    • 30-Aug-2013
  • I have passed my PMP and this was supposed to help with study while mobile.Love this app.The ultimate collection of PMP question and answers.Simple, easy and complete.

    • Sachin
    • 07-Aug-2013
  • They say OCPJP have a lot of tricky stuff ! I bought this simulator from you guys and guess what ? IT SOLVES ALL THE TRICKY STUFF! This is the best sim I've ever bought cat: scjp

    • Dani
    • 10-Jul-2013
  • I passed PMP using this, recomending to attend 200 questions mock test.

    • Andrew
    • 10-Apr-2013
  • I have passed PMP using this, found good and effective. Mock Exam pattern is same like PMP main exam.

    • Ragunandan India
    • 20-Mar-2013
  • Found very excellent PMP Questions, Before Main exam you should attend the test.

    • Rajesh
    • 20-Feb-2013
  • Excellent PMP Preparation Questions, found this good.

    • Rashid
    • 08-Jan-2013
  • all are very useful questions.the mock exam helped me a lot. Cat: PMP

    • sombhupal reddy india
    • 02-Jan-2013
  • PMP Questions are good and Exam format is more interesting.

    • Bikas
    • 27-Dec-2012
  • This exam was very good for i got the confidence after getting 80% marks on this.                   PMP

    • Mohammad Irfan
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • OCPJP Questions are great... cat:scjp

    • sarita ,,india
    • 27-Aug-2012
  • I cracked PMP with this

    • Venkat R
    • 08-Aug-2012
  • Thanks so much for Your Spring-Hibernate example application....

    but there is an error.. in Userform jsp .... in <spring;bind> tag review it...

    • vijay ,
    • 25-Jun-2012
  • I found questions are real to final PMP exam.

    • Yogesh Walenkar
    • 14-Jun-2012
  • Cracked SCJP using this

    • 02-May-2012
  • I took the full test from CertBeat and it has definitely helped me score at the PMP Exam

    • Kunal
    • 01-May-2012
  • PMP Questions are near to main Exam , i have used these questions and others too. I cleared my PMP exam last month.

    • Gururaj
    • 19-Apr-2012
  • Good is very useful for me..... cat : PMP

    • Sankar
    • 10-Mar-2012
  • how do I view the questions on a mac? ans : only pdf file you can view on mac. cat PMP

    • ionel
    • 09-Mar-2012
  • CertBeat have good Q of scjp I enjoy lot...

    • ashish gupta
    • 24-Feb-2012
  • some questions in SCJP practice mock test are repeated.
    remaining all are perfect.
    explanation is very nice

    • sathish doppalapudi
    • 14-Feb-2012
  • Questions are very nice.thank u so much...because of this i come to know..i have to do still hard work.. cat : PMP

    • Nikhat
    • 01-Feb-2012
  • Found good. I got idea about the format of PMP exam.

    • Marathe
    • 24-Jan-2012
  • Techfaq is VERY good.. i used it 2 days before my exam.. those questions are very similar to that of the exam... you should take about 2 different tests and see how your feel. I was only able to take one.. but it boost my confidence level very high

    • Nicoboli
    • 24-Dec-2011
  • nice set of question category:PMP

    • 20-Dec-2011
  • Fantastic set of questions and tutorials.
    PMP - cat

    • oliver S
    • 07-Nov-2011
  • I got PMP using these questions provided by CertBeat. excellent qns

    • DZ US
    • 06-Nov-2011
  • Your questions were a good preparation for the real thing in PMP

    • Smita Agarwal
    • 24-Sep-2011
  • Realy very good collection of PMP to crack the certification without spending a single buck.

    • Sunder Nagrajan, India
    • 17-Sep-2011
  • PMP questions are very practical, i have cleared my PMP exam using these questions

    • suhail,India
    • 12-Sep-2011
  • hi i have plan to write the C++ exam........but i dint any material . but i prepared mock online test it is very useful to me thanks

    • abdul hamid
    • 24-Jul-2011
  • Very good collections cat:PMP

    • DS
    • 18-Jul-2011
  • Very good for pmp practice the test

    • Sravanthi
    • 14-Jul-2011
  • vry gud collections....PMP

    • 20-Jun-2011
  • Great study tool. I just took the PMP exam and passed on first attmept.

    • Jerry - Atlanta, GA
    • 21-Mar-2011
  • Excellent collection of PMP materials. I cracked in first attempt.

    • Davis, Elgin, CA
    • 14-Feb-2011
  • very good stuff for beginersssss

    • malli
    • 30-Jan-2011
  • hi i have to plan to write the scjp exam ...but i didnt have any material..but i prepared mock online s very useful to me...very good collections ..Thanks

    • Rajendran,,india
    • 21-Jan-2011
  • Good collection of CAPM questions. Was able to pass on first attempt after taking a prior course a few months ago. I would recommend this product to someone who's preparing for the exam with prior coursework. category : PMP

    • Sam
    • 03-Jan-2011
  • Realy good collection of PMP questions

    • John Thomas
    • 23-Dec-2010
  • The content of this, is excellent but needs regular update especialy Informatica side

    Great work


    • Girish
    • 02-Dec-2010
  • The exam was very useful for me. Thanks!

    category : SCJP PMP etc

    • Christian, Argentina
    • 01-Dec-2010
  • PMP test has good questions and also serves as a good exercise for the real test. I pass my PMP test in my first attempt. Thanks.

    • Cino Calfino,, Indonesia
    • 30-Nov-2010
  • I am preparing to take the PMP exam and find your product to be of great assistance. Thank you!!!

    Traudel Eslaire

    • Traudel, Dayton Ohio USA
    • 29-Nov-2010
  • Really Good site if you want to appear for the interview.

    • Bharath,
    • 22-Nov-2010
  • It is really great, I am glad to have such a good material. PMP

    • Mariana, USA
    • 12-Nov-2010
  • Now SCJP is very difficult to pass after acquired by ORCALE. But tchfaq made it simple for me, i got 95 percentile. Questions format are same as real exam.

    • Naveen,
    • 01-Nov-2010
  • Hello,
    you made this an excellent giving aid to members who need a certification. Even I'm starting to use, not concluded, but I'm very pleased, thank you.
    Ler foneticamente
    Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado

    Mr. Beletatti
    Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


    • 22-Oct-2010
  • I cleared SCJP and OCP by using

    • Vibha
    • 12-Oct-2010
  • Now SCJP is very difficult to pass after acquired by ORCALE. But tchfaq made it simple for me, i got 95 percentile. Questions format are same as real exam.

    • Ritesh
    • 01-Oct-2010
  • For those taking the PMP exam, this is excellent - helped me see where my weaknesses were - very good.

    • Steve, Edinberg
    • 24-Sep-2010
  • I really appreciate your this effort/contribution for those who want to appear in PMP-exam. You are great.

    • 05-Sep-2010
  • I clear the PMP test using this exam simulator.

    • gt
    • 04-Sep-2010
  • These questions really good. .thanks.. PMP

    • rajesh
    • 10-Aug-2010
  • Very good questions in finding gaps in KAs category: PMP

    • Rajkumar,
    • 29-Jul-2010
  • PMP Questions are very very helpful!!!Thanks for your support!

    • IS from Algeria
    • 10-Jul-2010
  • good PMP Questions. thanks

    • 07-Jul-2010
  • I passed SCWCD using this exam questions. very good collections.

    • Jk
    • 29-Jun-2010
  • Pass SCJP today. Questions are very much simillar to actual exam. Thanks to CertBeat.

    • Nilmumar
    • 29-Jun-2010
  • Hi, I used the test questions and that helped me to pass the PMP. Thanks for your support.

    • 22-Jun-2010
  • the exam questions were pretty similar to what was given.

    category : PMP

    • 18-Jun-2010
  • This free PMP mock exam is amazing and should be taken by all!! Thanks for providing this for us

    • 18-Jun-2010
  • I am so glad I found the PMP mockup examination questions. It truly helped me pass my PMP examination. It help me point out areas where I was weak. Thank you for having this free tool available to all people!!!

    • 14-Jun-2010
  • Very helpfull. It is useful to test our time spending during the exam and the rithm we solve each kind of questions.
    Thanks for that.

    category : PMP

    • 07-Jun-2010
  • Thanks!!! Passed PMP is first go!!

    TechFAQ gave the idea what to study n how to study.Questions were brilliantly framed!!

    category: PMP

    • Chatianya Sabne
    • 03-Jun-2010
  • Very helpful. Help me point out areas where I was weak. I passed mt pmp exam this week. category: PMP

    • S. Brown
    • 01-Jun-2010
  • There is a wide variety of questions. I am putting all my chances on this test & that of Global Knowledge.

    category : PMP

    • Lina
    • 27-May-2010
  • I used the test questions mock and it was good, good brain exercise before the test, passed anyways thanks category: PMP

    • Yasmine zoya
    • 27-May-2010
  • This is very helpful Mock. Category : PMP

    • Vijay Kumar,Mainpuri
    • 18-May-2010
  • thanks it was good i could develop more confidence for giving actual exam


    Category - PMP

    • 11-May-2010
  • Hey,

    This site and pmp mock exams are good. Chandra

    • chandra,
    • 10-May-2010
  • The question bank did the trick. Passed my PMP exam today.

    • Az.,Karachi, Pakistan
    • 01-May-2010
  • The 200 questions 4 hours full exam provided by CertBeat helped me a lot in understanding PMP exam format. The questions are very close to the real exam. Thanks a lot for providing such a great tool!!

    • Neha, Singapore
    • 01-May-2010
  • This is to inform you that I sat for my PMP credential examination this morning and passed at first attempt.

    None of the of the project management processes is below proficience

    Thank you for your free online tests which I wrote several times to prepare for my examination.

    Your test among others really prepared me for the real exam.

    March 2010

    • Kolawole, Nigeria
    • 30-Apr-2010
  • Professional approach,great product - PMP

    • Milind
    • 29-Apr-2010
  • its really very much usefull for freasher - scjp

    • sowmya p
    • 29-Apr-2010

    • 20-Apr-2010
  • I took only the sample free test and did not buy the mock sample question papers as questions seemed too straighforward. But when I was doing the final PMP exam the questions were exactly in same pattern as in the sample free exam. Though I havent seen the mock exam papers but I think its an excellent idea to go through the sample mock exams and expect similar questions.

    • 20-Apr-2010
  • Good collection of PMP mock test

    • Ramesh Sharan
    • 12-Apr-2010
  • An excellent collection of test questions. Good for simulation before final exam.....I passed PMP in my first attempt.

    • Nihar Shah, India
    • 12-Apr-2010
  • The SCJP mock Exam was good.

    • Shankar
    • 10-Apr-2010
  • Good reality check and good prep for the PMP exam

    • Judy Li
    • 03-Apr-2010
  • For those taking the PMP exam, this is excellent - helped me see where my weaknesses were - very good.

    • Dawn Moorcroft
    • 01-Apr-2010
  • Best PMP exam questions

    • Amar Pawal
    • 01-Apr-2010